Friday, May 25, 2012

May Pawpal

Our Pawpal this may was the very own doggy dessert chef and her dogs Pee Wee and Big B. and boy did they spoil us!

The gang here are starting to learn. If the box goes on the bed. It’s for them.

the booty.

Everyone LOVED the toys!

the ball was a big hit at the park for both V and Me, I no longer have to grab slobber balls!

The only thing the dogs haven’t gotten yet is the frozen popsicles. I made them and there waiting in the freezer for the summer heat to return.
I’ll make sure to snap pictures.

Our PawPal this month was Kirby the Dorkie. An incredibly cute little guy! You can see his post on his package >here<.
If you want to get your very own monthly PawPal then please sign up!


  1. My guys know any box is for them, the dogs get more mail then me!

    1. There starting to get more mail then me here too. its so bad! but I love it too. anything that makes my dogs happy, makes me happy.

  2. You guys really scored with the pawpal this month! woo woo!