Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Break it up and make it up.

Eve and Star have had yet another epic battle resulting in Eve getting her butt kicked. She hasn’t had to go to the vet, nothing a little Betadine and TLC cant fix.
                                 I spare you pictures, instead I’ll show you V being cute.

The long short of it is, things have got to change. Now.
There’s no question to it.
Eve isn’t going, Star isn’t going. They just need to learn to coexist once more.

I can’t even remember far enough back to think of the last time they sat together without murdering each other.

At least V has been good. Beyond more then good and into amazing. Every day I have him he shows me more and more how smart he is and how willing to learn and most of all how full of personality.

I can’t just stop loving my dogs. The good, the bad, and the couch potato. There my dogs and no amount of rain is going to kick our sunshine.

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