Friday, May 4, 2012


Eve and Star are still going at it like the Bitches they are.
Our local amazing dog trainer Tiffany reviewed our situation and gave us some tips to help the girls. Like take them on extremely long tiring walks before putting them together and going for yet another extremely long tiring walk till there legs turn to stumps. 
Something about the exhaustion will help reset the bitchness.
If nothing I’ll get in shape for agility faster this way.
It all sounded much better when Tiffany said it.
he just looks so rabid...
V got himself a fancy head halter to help with his massive amount of pulling on a lead despite my best efforts to teach a heel.
He’s ether going to learn heel or his head is going to fall off… right now he dose a lot of glaring at me, and eating. Lots of treats and praise to get him used to the halter before we even take our first step outside.
I’m such a wet blanket.
In other equally unstoppable news… I lost the last year’s worth of writing and two separate manuscripts when the flash drive they had been saved to crashed.
Oddly it causes the same brick in stomach feeling that I get when Eve and Star fight. Maybe I’m getting stomach cancer.

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