The cast of black and white

The Queens:

Star is a smooth fox terrier…O.C D. is how you spell her name.  she’s a pound rescue show dog and a true bitch at heart. She doesn’t know how to play or interact with other dogs, so she ends up in more trouble then not.

Eve is my baby girl, spoiled brat Boston Terrier. She’s from AKC Elbo Bostons. There’s much about this breed I wish I had known before I got Eve, because I would have never gotten her. But the bad doesn’t stop me from loving my little girl. She was supposed to be my agility girl, but her dog issues prevented that from happening. Every day with Eve is a challenge…
The Kings:

 Falcor is our second pound rescue, a turn in at that, he’s Chieweenie and a little tiger when he’s on his couch. Has an extreme fear of leaving the house, car rides for him are moving panic attacks, new buildings are panic attacks, mostly we think he’s afraid he’s going back to the pound. Extreme food thief and couch Nazi.

 Max, a giant poodle, brainless. Max survived a broken hind leg and parvo as a puppy. He’s still a youngster. Hope to some day earn a CGC with Max.

V is my wonder boy. My agility dog. He’s a baby right now but the world is already his oyster and I cant wait to see how his history unfolds.

The court jester:
Me, photographer, wana-be published author, epic dog trainer. Trapped somewhere in mid life crises at early age. Addicted to DrPepper and all things bright and wonderful. 

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