Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lesson 1

I had my first one hour lesson with Geri today.
It was amazing. I’m so packed with information I think my head is going to explode so I’m going to get as much of it out here as I can so I can reference back later.

V in her x-pen not really listing.

  • *I don’t play enough with V. play is the key to teaching V agility.
  • *he’s not an obedience dog. He’s an agility dog. Stop expecting him to be a perfect obedience dog and let him be an agility dog.
  • *play play play play play!!!!
  • *play is nothing but pray drive and rabbits don’t jump into the dogs mouth, they run and struggle. This is key.
  • *playing with Max is going to hurt my agility progress more then anything else right now. I need to prevent it as much as I can. I need to be the key to his ability to play, not the other dogs.
  • *he needs to learn a little control when in an x-pen.
  • *balance balls can be found at Wall-mart for cheep.
  • *there should be no commands in his training right now. Just actions. treats and play.
  • *12 inch wide X minimum of 10 feet long board between two cinder blocks. This is V’s new ground and anything is possible on it. If he falls off, don’t even oops. Just get back on. After this becomes as natural as four feet on the ground, unbalance it. Let that become his natural ground too.
  • *build his balance and confidence on anything I can. Blocks and wood and bowls and anything else I can think of.
  • *bang game for future teeter training.
  • *don't stop doing what I'm doing with socialization. 
 yeah. still moping. honest, he had more fun then the pictures show.

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