Thursday, April 26, 2012

big box store groomer horrors

I groom all of my own dogs, including my mother’s standard poodle Max at home.
I try my best and learn what I can from books, and instructors.
There are no good groomers locally that are within my price range, and I refused to trust the big box stores. I’ve always heard the horror stories of them but never before yesterday saw it in person.

Sitting in the waiting room at my Vet, puppy shots for V, A couple came in frantic with their Aussy.
The 13 year old dog had just come from a big box store groomer and his hind legs where no longer working. The dog had no feeling at all from behind. I spoke briefly with the owners before the Vet admitted them. They had questioned the groomer who had admitted the dog did ’squirm too much and jumped off the table once, but was only tired’ that’s why it couldn’t walk.
I kid you not.
I felt horrible for the couple and don’t know the outcome of the Aussy because I left shortly after that.

I like to keep my bloging upbeat but sometimes the gray shadows overcast the good.

I warn anyone who reads this, who takes their dogs to groomers, please. Please. Make sure they are reliable. These are our furry children, they are our loves. You wouldn’t send your two legged kids somewhere they might be hurt, don’t do so to your furry ones.

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